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Thyroid levels improve after LWF!

Cydne Mooney

This 60-year old grandmother can now garden with ease, enjoy participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and is able to get down on the floor to play with her grandchildren with no problems as a result of participating in classes at LiveWellFit. Cydne has struggled with knee issues and hypothyroidism, but reports that both are doing better since she began exercising. “My endocrinologist has had to decrease my thyroid medicine twice and he is amazed,” said Cydne.

The journey to LiveWellFit began with a few friends for Cydne. According to Cydne, “A few friends go to LWF, and they sounded like they really enjoyed it. I knew they were my age, had their own health issues, AND they had taken control of their lives instead of letting life just “happen” to them. I liked that they apparently received emotional support to help them overcome obstacles.”

From the beginning, Cydne loved that LiveWellFit instructors automatically showed alternative ways to get her muscles exercised without putting too much stress on her compromised joints, and the acceptance of any limitations she had while showing her how to work through those limitations. She also really appreciated the acceptance in the classes by the other women in the classes and had this to say, “They meet you where you are at, they don’t judge which is refreshing as my greatest fear coming to LiveWellFit was that I would be judged.”

Cydne has jumped in with everything she has got at LiveWellFit and has not been afraid to try any of the classes offered. A few of her favorites are Guns and Buns, Metabolic, TRX/Pilates and Yoga.

Cydney has set some goals for herself and those are to balance fitness and nutrition so she can take control of her own health and destiny.

Cydney is living proof that you can begin again at 60 and improve your health and fitness at any age.

Call us to enroll in our upcoming Nutrition group or our Beginner Fit Camp for women to begin getting back on track.

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