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The 3 best tools for improving sleep ,gutt health and ADHD

Updated: Feb 8

Throughout the past year I have had the time to invest in searching for the best tools to improve my sleep and boost my immunity. I highly recommend these products . For those us with ADHD, this is one of the few methylated B6 and B12 that crosses the blood brain barrier and has helped me focus tremendously! The probiotic has helped my gutt as well as my delicious morning Shakeology that I drink daily. My favorite is the plant based chocolate vegan flavor that has pre biotics, immune boosting ingredients is gluten free and delicious! I have not gotten sick in years and also escaped getting the dreaded virus this year.

There are also 2 FREE ways to regulate your sleep by getting morning sunshine to reset your circadian rythms , fasting from 8 pm to 8am for better sleep and gutt reset.

Try these products and let me know how your body feels. Click on the pic to learn more.


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