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43 pounds gone, shaved 8 minutes off her marathon time, and easing the "empty nest" syndro

Meet Hillary Wilson

To help fill the void left when her oldest daughter went off to college

recently, this 43-year-old mom of two likes to run. Hillary feels that

running keeps her in her happy place. This past year she has lost 43

pounds and shaved a full 8 minutes off her half-marathon time. Hillary

works along-side her husband in their wholesale beauty supply

business and loves hanging out with her high school daughter who will

be a freshman in the fall. Hillary was born and raised in Oklahoma and

is a huge OU fan.

It was Hillary’s sweet friend Jackie Carthel who invited her to give

LiveWellFit a try and she eagerly came with a goal of becoming stronger.

She has not been disappointed at LWF and loves how friendly everyone

is from staff to other members. She says that one of the greatest things

is that the instructors meet you where you are physically and adapt

exercises to fit your personal needs so that you are successful at your

own level. PUMP early in the morning is Hillary’s favorite class at

LiveWellFit, but she hopes to try a variety of others in 2018.

Hillary did have fears before she started coming to LiveWellFit, but they

were quickly erased when she walked into her first class and instead of

everyone “looking strangely” at her, they walked up and introduced

themselves and made her feel welcome…so not the typical gym


Hillary is still fairly new to LiveWellFit, but encourages anyone who

gives it a try to stick with it and know that there is a whole Tribe of

women at LiveWellFit to help support, encourage and cheer you on to


For 2018, Hillary has set the goal of toning, getting stronger and losing

more weight. She shares that since working out at LiveWellFit, her

running is faster and she hopes to continue improving and hopes to

inspire others to be happy and enjoy life.

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