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"Almost 65" and healthier than ever!

Featured Tribe Member: Carolyn Hurt

Carolyn is a very active “almost 65 year old” grandmother of 11 who enjoys snow skiing, water sports, crafting and both sewing and embroidery. She owns a business called “Threads” and is on the board of directors for Golden Spread Emmaus where she acts as the women’s registrar.

In 2012, Carolyn’s husband passed away and she found herself lonely and wanting to get in shape. She wanted to exercise with women only. That is when she discovered LiveWellFit and has been an active member ever since.

Carolyn reports that she buys the unlimited monthly class packages at LWF so that she has lots of options to take classes to fit her busy schedule. The unlimited plan gives you the option to take as many classes as you wish from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm! She loves how LWF makes everyone feel welcome and the bonds formed. She really loves the fact that there is so much flexibility and availability of classes…something for everyone.

Getting up to work out at 5:00 am is Carolyn’s favorite and she really enjoys Metabolic and PUMP/kickboxing led by Sam Holder. Recently, she has jumped out of her comfort zone and has joined the Outdoor Training Classes led by Mindy Douglass and really loves it.

Before joining LiveWellFit, Carolyn had not exercised in a long while and had fears of not being able to keep up in classes. Her fears were put to rest though because everyone from the members to the teachers encouraged her and modified exercises for her and made her feel welcome.

Since working out at Live Well Fit, Carolyn is excited to report that her endurance is so much stronger and now, even after two rotator cuff surgeries, she is able to do strong pushups on the wall.

Carolyn has set a big goal for herself in this year and that is competing with the LWF Tribe in the triathlon held at Lake Tanglewood in September. No doubt she will achieve this goal!

We are so proud of Carolyn for taking the step to getting healthier and trying something new! We encourage and invite YOU to come try a class with us. If you are over 50, we recommend staring with the Golden Girls Classes MWF 11:00 and 11:30 to begin moving. If that time does not work for you, contact us to give you several other options. Personal training is another great way to get introduced to new things and more of a one one on.

Whatever you chose, make one small change in your health today.

Drink more water, sleep more and meet new friends.

You're invited! Contact Suzi to discuss a your options.

see our classes on our website page, choose PROGRAMS & SERVICES

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