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37 and been with LiveWellFit for 7 years!

Anna Miller is a 37 year-old active mother of 2 who has been married for 16 years. She loves spending time with her husband and daughters having “dance-offs” in the living room, as well as time with her extended family. Anna is a passionate dance teacher and has been teaching since she was 15.

In 2011, it was Anna’s younger sister who introduced her to LiveWellFit owner Suzi McKee. Then Anna attended a "fit camp" back when Suzi taught classes at other gyms. She enjoyed it so much, she continues with classes still today! 7 years strong! Despite being a dance instructor, Anna shares that she is really a little shy, but makes herself stand in the front row of workout classes at LiveWellFit. There are no mirrors and no men and No drama!

When asked about what she loves about LiveWellFit, Anna says, “The workouts have such variety and are never the same. I never know what to expect and that keeps things fresh and exciting. Too much of the same can get boring when exercising. I also love all of the different age groups and levels that are in each class and how accepting and helpful everyone is at LiveWellFit.”

Anna says that her favorites at LiveWellFit are probably hitting the punching bags to relieve stress and both 8:30 am "Guns and Buns" and Step classes. She loves that the classes are challenging and never the same.

LiveWellFit has helped Anna increase her strength and she loves that she can now do a proper sit up.

“After two c-sections, I thought doing a proper sit up was impossible. Now I can do them with pretty

good form with no help,” said Anna.

Because Anna is so shy, she says she has a fear of failure, but with the help of the LWF tribe and

instructors, she knows that it is ok to struggle and to just keep pushing forward for success. Anna has this to say for new LWF tribe members. “We are all women who have walked different paths of lives, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, we all want to take care of ourselves and become better.

There is no judgment and only encouragement at LiveWellFit.”

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