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When life looked bleak, gaining 20 pounds... Robin decided it was her time!

Today we are featuring precious Robin Carlile!

Robin age 60 changed her life!

Robin just turned 60 years old on Valentine's, but 4 years ago she was in a very dark place and life looked bleak. She turned to unhealthy habits to be her confidants and as a result gained over 20 pounds. A post on Facebook about Live Well Fit ladies doing a track workout at AHS featuring some ladies Robin knew and a friend posting about Shakeology led Robin to contact Suzi McKee at LWF. A beginner fit camp was the starting point for Robin at LiveWellFit and she reports that from day one she felt accepted and cared for at LWF. “The greatest thing about LiveWellFit was that I was surrounded by women who were similar to me and genuinely cared about me,” said Robin. Robin reports that her life has forever been changed by Live Well Fit.

The two things that Robin loves most about Live Well Fit are the caring, compassionate instructors and the encouragement from everyone including the other women at LWF. Robin shared a story about how one of the LWF instructors called her to check up on her after she had to leave class early due to feeling rotten. Caring like this just does not happen at other gyms/studios.

Robin offers the following advice to a new LiveWellFit tribe member. “Don’t quit or give up and always ask if you’re feeling uncomfortable about a particular exercise because the instructors are more than willing to offer modifications so that you can be successful.”

TRX and Restore Stretch are Robin’s favorite classes at LiveWellFit and she especially loves the fact that the instructors are aware of her prior injuries and are good to always offer modifications and to remind her to go easy on certain exercises. The instructors are also always clear about how to do each exercise or movement and are easy to follow.

Robin was unable to lift her arm over her head due to a small tear in her shoulder and has experienced lower back pain, but since coming to LWF, she is now able to lift her arm over her head and says that her back pain is so much better. Moving forward in 2018, Robin plans to continue growing stronger and increasing her stamina.

Where can YOU start to move again and do something for YOU? We suggest starting with the Golden Girls class or a personal training session with Suzi if you are over 60, But we modify for ALL classes so whatever time works best for you. come then! Call Suzi to discuss what class would be best for you! 806-341-8679 or email her at

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