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Conflicting nutrition facts... what's true?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Nutrition blogs are SO confusing sometimes! Even to those of us who study it daily, there are varying options of what is the best "diet" for everyone. How do you know what foods offer the most Nutrients? Which are best for YOU?

Many women have the belief that the individual parts/nutrients in a food determine the VALUE of the food.

For example, if something is rich in Vitamin C, like fresh-squeezed orange juice, then it validates how important fresh-squeezed orange juice must be. Orange juice is a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin C is amazing... but it's also drinking around FORTY grams of sugar in a standard 12 ounce serving.

Most women look at the isolated nutrients, instead of the sum of all the parts.

This can be valuable to do, but it can also be dangerous:

The caloric breakdown of orange juice is approximately 4% fat, 6% protein, and 90% carbs. This makes it one of the highest insulin spiking substances modern humans consume. Fructose (fruit sugar) impacts your body differently than other types of sugar. But sugar, is sugar! But you thought orange juice is good for you .. so now what?

If you were to rely strictly on the "nutrition information" used by food companies, you'd justify that you're getting your essential vitamin C and happily guzzle your OJ each morning...

Not knowing that you were skyrocketing your blood sugar, spiking insulin, and storing fat like crazy (insulin is your body's #1 fat-storing hormone).

Keep in mind, nutrition blogs can also be used for good. I mention several of those below.

Identifying foods rich in magnesium, for example, is super important! We just need to be mindful of what the overall food itself does in our bodies.

Questions to ask yourself are..

Is it a great source of magnesium, but also high in sugar? Is it a great source of magnesium, but also high in trans fats? What other beneficial or harmful things are in the food?

then make the decision based on what you deduct.

Food is far more complex than we realize! food manufacturers are growing human taste buds in laboratories (this is not good!). They have figured out how to literally "light up"our brains with the sugar, salt , fat combo. ( think cheeto here!) Also, processed food companies’ main objective is to create “heavy users”. They want you using their products so they learn exactly how to market it that way. Sadly, many of the "studies' done are funded by the processed food manufacturers. So of course they will say its "good for you".

Learn to read the BACK of the products and read food labels , not fall for whatever is on the front!

Many food manufactures say to count calories.. but not all calories are not created equal. 250 calories from an avocado are utilized SO much differently than 250 calories from a bowl of ice cream (yes even "organic and whatever other term" they want to use).

My goal is to continue to give you truth and let you do the research for yourself, not trust a sponsored processed food company blog or person who is all of the sudden an "expert in nutrition" because they lost 5 pounds.

One of my favorites websites to find quick truth is He promotes a plant based diet which is not for everyone, but his research is TRUTH.

Feel free to message me here to find out about more trust worthy blogs to do your research.

Move daily, sleep well, stay hydrated, love yourself and eat Real food - then life is So much better! Be a part of my next group challenge at

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Suzi McKee

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