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Paula's fear of failure has been put to rest...

Paula is a die-hard Texas Rangers fan just shy of her 63rd birthday, or in her words "my 3rd 21st birthday!" Paula and is a full-time Mimi to her sweet grandson, has a granddaughter on the way, and she takes great pride in her children who are both APD officers.

It was the urging of a friend that brought Paula to LiveWellFit in the fall of 2016 to participate in the LWF 60 Day Challenge. The 60 Day Challenge was about self-discovery for Paula. Her husband was in the hospital pretty much the whole time the Challenge was going on and though Paula could have thrown the towel in, she stuck it out and finished. "I have made the comment several times that the challenge couldn’t have happened at the worst time, but ended up being the best time for me. My husband passed away a week after the challenge was over. I never dropped out." We were inspired by Paula's strength and extremely proud that she has been a LiveWellFit regular ever since.

“My favorite things about LiveWellFit are the amazing friends I have made, accountability and especially the new 2B Mindset program,” says Paula. Paula regularly attends a variety of classes at LiveWellFit and says that her favorite class is the one she is doing at the time!

Though she had fears of failure at the beginning, they have been put to rest through modifications and encouragement from Suzi and her staff. Paula recounts that her first attempts at a plank were "not pretty" but she has them conquered now.

When asked what advice she would have to offer to someone new to LiveWellFit, she had this to say; “Do it for yourself! Don’t be afraid because there is always someone there in the LWF Tribe to help and encourage you.”

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