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Are you an Emotional Eater?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Do you turn to food when you're happy, sad, angry, upset or bored?

We women are ALL emotional eaters at some point. I have done over 12 60-Day Challenges where I work with 30 women for 60 days to help them set new habits for their personal health. During this time, I helped women find their "triggers" that tend to make them overeat and keep them from making the scales their barometer of success or failure. The scales are NOT the only way to measure progress or success.

During these challenges, I found that I was SO drained emotionally trying to listen and "hold" their emotions close to my heart. I have since learned how to be able to listen but not take their emotions into my personal life and ready to do a shorter version .

I have found several tools that have helped women understand emotional eating and how to develop and maintain healthier habits.

Women need a COMMUNITY to share, to hear that others struggle, that they are not alone and have a group of friends who are tend to feel they were the only "crazy" ones. ( trust me we are ALL crazy in some way...that makes us all unique!) That's what Livewellfit is all about!

Below are several books and Apps I recommend you read and put on your phone.

The Hunger Fix Brain Over Binge (excellent - we will be using this tool for my group) Made to Crave - Lysa Turkeurst (great bible study as well!) Food: The Good Girl’s Drug Never Binge Again Stop Eating Your Heart Out


For those ready to get started on a healthy eating plan where I can be your coach NOW, I encourage you to go to my coaching website and begin feeding your body good nutrition that is organic, gluten and dairy free. Shakeology has helped me curb my sugar cravings and helped heal my digestive system. I have not missed a day in over 5 years.

I love the VEGAN option (non dairy) for Shakeology because dairy tends to cause inflammation. We have enough of that going on gals.. There are tons of FREE meal planing and help as well.

Choose any challenge pack that looks like the type ion workout YOU will stick with and start moving and eating healthy now.


Email me if you have questions at

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