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Wouldn't want to start the day any other way...

Featured Tribe Member: Tina

Tina has been part of the LiveWellFit Tribe for over 6 years. She enjoys traveling and spending time at the lake with her husband, Jay, and their two teenage girls, Kodi (age 15) and Jenna (age 13). During her time at LiveWellFit, Tina has completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Tina started with a LWF Fit Camp in August of 2011. “I loved the idea of a women-only gym,” she says. “Not knowing a single person at LWF, I was nervous as could be! I had a fear of being so out of shape that I couldn't make it through the class but everyone was amazing.” Since then, Tina has been part of our early crew, loving the 5:00 am classes: “There is just something about starting my day working out and having tons of energy throughout my day. Not to mention the group of ladies that also work out at 5:00 am. They are always encouraging and supportive! I wouldn't want to start my day any other way!”

To those new to LWF, Tina advises you try different classes and times to see what best fits your needs. “Don't be afraid to try something new!” she says. “The instructors give modifications so that if you are just joining or have back or knee issues you can still do the exercises.” When we asked what she loves most about LWF, Tina said “I love that we get help other than exercise, such as meal planning, nutrition and devotionals.” Most of all, “I absolutely love the women I work out with! I have met some amazing friends here that are more like family!”

We’re so honored to have you as part of our family, Tina! You've come so far on your health journey and we know you'll continue to take care of yourself and be an inspiration for your daughters.

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