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Let's Hike!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Before heading for the hills, here are a few things to make your hike most enjoyable.

We have our upcoming group HIKE to the canyon Saturday September 30th. Some will be going halfway to the lighthouse and back, some all the way!

For those hiking this fall here are some tips!

  1. Know where you are going! – Plan your hike. Carry a compass and a map. Learn how to use both. If you are headed to a higher elevation, stay in the city you are hiking for at least 2 days to accumulate.

  2. Outdoors means elemental protection — Protect your skin and eyes from the sun (sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses). From head to toe prepare with waterproof — not water “resistant” – rain jacket with hood, pit zips and sealed seams and zippers; waterproof boots, hiking shoes or trail runners — depending on your hike intensity, terrain, waterproof pants (easy to pull over pants and boots!) and a waterproof daypack or backpack.

  3. Layer up for greatest comfort – Starting with your toes, comfortable, padded merino wool or tech material socks (never cotton). Flexible, moisture wicking pants with snap and/or zipper pockets for essentials — shorts or hiking skirt if weather permits or additional base layer if chilly weather. On top a comfortable sports bra, wicking t-shirt (remember no cotton) and a long sleeve layer — again merino wool or wicking tech material. Add a fleece vest or jacket if colder (check to make sure it all fits under your waterproof layers)

  4. Hydrate and Eat–Plan to drink about 32 oz

  1. Illumination and unexpectedness – Bring along a flashlight and a basic first aid kit — check before and after each hike that the flashlight and kit are working properly and have all the essentials — this isn’t a place to skimp on fresh batteries and supplies. Even if its a "day hike", some unusual circumstance could make those things handy!

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