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Weights & exercise plan for Women to do at Home

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

What exercises can you do to tone the upper and lower body from home? How many reps do I do? How often should I lift weights? Questions I get daily and happy to help!

I encourage women of any age to do this workout 2-3 times a week with the following directions below the pictures. To START , use body weight only then add 3 pound weights moving up to 10-15 pounds as you increase your strength. How do you know when you need to increase your weights? When the reps you are doing become easier. As you increase your weight, you may not be able to finish ALL reps so that at that point ( say rep 6) grab the lighter weight to finish the set.

Grab a stool or bench, weights ( or use household products like water jugs or soup cans) . When women think about "weights' the tend to be scared of lifting heavy weights for fear of increasing the size of their muscles. We women need to increase our bone density and being in my 60's I can assure you that weight training accompanied with walking, dancing or any cardio type movements and stretching ( yoga, pilates are my recommendations) 2 times per week you will feel stronger and have more energy! Enjoy! For home weight equipment got to for the most affordable and quality products. I also do virtual personal training for women all over the country. Message me at to get a free 10 minute call to discuss what your needs are.

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