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Help I Need Accountabilty and something to look forward to!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Its been 5 long months of staying at home and eating way too much comfort food. We all miss having a community and finding ways to stay accountable to take care of our health.

Can't get motivated or focused? Need a gentle kick in the pants to get on track and stay there? I GOT you girl!!

Jump in with me in my upcoming 4 week health tune up that starts Oct 16th with a free information Zoom call on Sept.1st to learn more!

You will be motivated to move more, eat healthier, have little carrots dangled in front of you for prizes to earn, meet new friends, have outdoor workouts with other women in a shaded park and get yourself back on track !You and I will have a one on one conversation about your present eating, sleeping and water habits as well as stress level, exercise that is best for you and then make little changes along the 4 week journey.

I will provide online workouts modified for ALL fitness levels, have a private support group, walking groups, meal prep groups, book club group and more!

You can do this from ANYWHERE as we will be doing all meetings on facebook private groups and messenger video.

Jump in and commit to YOU today!

Looking for a variety of workouts to do at home for a few months? Try these ...


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