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Completed a triathlon at 62 and won an award for her age group...

Featured Tribe Member: Paige

Paige is 63 years young and enjoys reading and working in the yard. She is married and has 4 wonderful children and 3 of the most loveable grandchildren ever. She began her journey at LiveWellFit after attending classes taught by LWF owner Suzi McKee at the Amarillo Town Club many years ago. Paige was inspired by Suzi and her teaching and decided to join LWF. She continues working out at LWF due to the great, caring instructors and all of the friends she has made in the LiveWellFit Tribe of women.

When asking Paige about her biggest fear related to joining LiveWellFit, she said, “My fear was spending the money and then not coming to class. But Suzi and her knowledge, her love for what she does, her concern for each woman in the tribe and the friendly atmosphere makes it something I look forward to everyday.”

Lifting weights and strength classes at Live Well Fit are some of Paige’s favorites as she desires to increase her muscle and bone strength and be able to keep up with her grandkids.

Looking back on what accomplishments she has achieved while a member at LiveWellFit, Paige reflects on her participation with the LWF Tribe in the TRI to Make a Difference Triathlon held at Lake Tanglewood. “I was able to swim 400 meters, bike 10 miles (and conquer Bo Hill) and jog a 5k and still felt great at the end.” Paige even won an award for her age-group at the 2017 TRI!

Paige has set a few goals for 2018 including learning how to better handle stress and how stress impacts her food choices. She looks forward to getting back to eating real/whole food and decreasing stress. Paige’s advice to a new LiveWellFit Tribe member is, “Take some time out of your day to take care of yourself. Show up, move your body and in no time you will be hooked.”

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