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4 Week Health Tune Up with Suzi

LiveWellFit was founded with the mission of helping women feel happier, connected, healthier and more engaged. After nearly 20 years of creating uplifting healthy experiences for hundreds of women, I want to offer a more direct injection of this good medicine at a time when we need it most; my 4-week Women's Health and Fitness Tune Up!

This is limited to 20 women who want to meet new friends, have accountability and get back on track. This will be a super fun, meaningful, and effective coaching program that not only helps you build sustainable vitality, health, and wellness, but also helps you to overcome the obstacles, resistance, and procrastination that you may have had in the past.

We will meet Sunday afternoons at a local park in Amarillo, Texas for workouts at 4:00 pm (optional) as well as 3 workouts a week posted in our private group page, have group zoom calls weekly, plus a personal one-on-one call to get you on board and set your goals.

These fully customized sessions include weekly calls, facebook group and the exercises, tools, and resources that help you build energy from within, amplify your happiness and get you back into a better "place" by improving your mind, body, and spirit! 

Registration starts June 7th and is limited to 20 women ready to make new friends and get back on track.

Cost is $69 for 4 weeks.

June 14th - July 12th

Give yourself the nutrition boost you need to start off on the right foot! Get your Shakeology Vegan Flavor Sampler here.


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