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Park Workout- All you need is a park bench!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We love getting our ladies to head outdoors! Here is a great workout that is super for intermediate level fitness enthusiasts, but also includes modifications for beginners to enjoy safely. Be SURE to bring water, a towel and a piece of fruit for recovery to eat after. ENJOY!

Warm up by jogging to or around your favorite park and find a spot with a bench and some trees.

*This is an intermediate workout, but beginners can do by modifying all moves by using a table or park bench instead of the ground, walk instead of run, and only do half the number of reps suggested.

Mountain Climbers & Push-ups

  • 10 push-ups with hands on the bench (your shoulders are above the hands, core strong). Beginners, soften the knees and keep elbows wide

  • 30 mountain climbers (shoulders are above the hands. Drive the knees towards the elbows in a running motion).

  • 10 push-ups with your hands close together (great for your triceps and upper back). Beginners, think "Tuck " your elbows in like chicken wings and only go down as far as you can keep the back in a neautral safe position.

  • 30 mountain climbers - (this is alternating one foot in front of the other quickly placing hands on bench)

  • 10 push ups with hands on the floor and feet on the bench. (beginners, REVERSE that) (stay in this position) 30 slow mountain climbers cross-overs (left knee to right elbow, right knee to left elbow).

Run/jog for 3 minutes

Tree: Wall sits and Plyometric Jumps

  • Wall sits: Sit with your back against a big tree, placing your legs into a 90 degree angle. Hold for 1 minute, squeezing your glutes and thighs.

  • 20 Squat jumps: Start in a squat position and jump (or raise on your toes for beginners, NO jumping) from there as high as you can, landing in a squat with your feet pushing into the ground. Use your arms for power.

  • Wall Sit: 45 seconds

  • 20 Squat Thrusts: Jump up high, then jump back into a plank position, keeping your feet together and your core strong. Again, Beginners raise up on toes quickly and hold onto bench for support as you squat.

  • Wall Sit: 30 seconds

  • 20 Star Jump: Jump up so your arms reach up and your legs open wide like a 5-point star. Land in a squat and repeat. Beginners, just do a low kick with alternating legs.

Run/Jog for 3 minutes to the next park bench.

Park Bench: Step Ups and Tap Ups

  • 20 Step Ups. Step up onto the bench with your right leg. Beginners- depending how high the bench is we recommend you choose a bench no higher than your knee level.

  • 30 Tap Ups: Keep your right leg up on the bench and bend it deeply. With your left leg you tap on the bench and then back on the floor. This fatigues your right thigh very quickly. Hold on to the back of the bench.

  • 20 Step Ups onto your right leg.

  • Switch to the left leg and complete all three exercises

Run/Jog for 3 minutes to a big tree or park bench.


  • Plank Hold for 1 minute (both arms are bent and on elbows/ toes, beginners on knees)

  • REST 30 seconds

  • Plank 1 minute 30 seconds

  • Rest 1 minute


Finish your workout with a sprint sequence: Sprint for 30 seconds with all-out effort and recover with 30 seconds of a slow jog. Repeat five times total. Beginners, FAST WALK and repeat 3 times. We recommend you wear a heart rate monitor like the one on our Stuff We Love page to keep track of calories, heart rate and time.


Stretch the quads, hamstrings and upper body.

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