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Hangout at the BARRE-Tips for Success

5 tips to get the most out of Barre classes

1. Focus- The mind-body connection is an extremely powerful one, and if you can tap into it and clear your head for the one hour workout, you will feel refreshed and achieve better results.

2. Be Consistent-Like any other exercise discipline, the more Barre classes you take the better the results, the better your understanding of it, and increased overall enjoyment.

3. Shaking means you're doing it right! The small, repetitive movements in Barre produce a shaking and burning sensation, which is a sign that you're working your muscles to exhaustion and that they are changing shape.

4. It's ballet inspired, not ballet- You don't need dance experience and or even be familiar with Barre to take a class. The ballet barre is simply used as a prop for strengthening and stretching exercises for thigh, glute and core work. The exercises are easy to pick up.

5. Think Cross Training; Barre classes are all about strength, balance, and flexibility, and if you are weak in those areas, it will be challenging and you'll see results fast.

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