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Normal Body?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Halfway listening to the news as I prepared dinner last night, I heard... "and look at THIS Miss America contestant! Finally, a woman with a NORMAL body!"... as I glanced at the TV screen, I kept waiting for this picture of her to come up. I waited... and I waited... looking for someone around a size 12... but KNEW I wouldn't see it...

Well, good granny grunt, OF COURSE she didn't appear... but the contestant they were talking about was Miss Indiana, 5'8" and a size 4 pictured above. Yes, she does have a "Thicker more athletic look" as the TV commentators suggested. But, with the average woman I see on a daily basis being a size 12-14, which I guess that was what I was looking for. But this.. NORMAL?

While it is refreshing to see that she was not a size ZERO, or even a TWO (she was a "normal " size 4!).. I do love that she was more athletic and "Normal" than the rest of the contestants and loved her confidence. But, how sad that if a woman has too little curves, she is considered "too skinny" and if she carries more weight in backside, she is consider over weight.


For one day, we possibly ask women to get off the scales, to NOT read the latest magazine that has a photo edited model on the front that we think we are supposed to look like.. and embrace the fact that if we eat healthy, move daily, and have a healthy heart.. that we COULD and WOULD be happier?

Do we wonder WHY women have such huge body image issues? I would love to change women's negative comments that the main reason they do NOT begin to get help getting healthier is their FEAR of what they look like now, or that they will be embarrassed that they have "let themselves go".. that they can't "keep up", that they have no where to start and will be embarrassed.. and embrace the fact that every woman can and should be herself and love her self! That she doesn't need to "diet" or and go for the latest cosmetic surgery... she can learn to plan, prepare and eat healthier, find something she loves to do that keeps her moving and find a supportive group of friends to help along the way.

For THESE the reasons above, I am on the mission I am on. The MISSION to provide help, to provide a SAFE, non intimidating PLACE women can walk in and be a size "whatever" for heavens sake and learn to LOVE her self and know SHE CAN be the best SHE can be...

This is my reason for starting my business Live-Well-Fit.. and when I win the lottery, I hope to have 100 of them all over the country helping women feel more than "normal"... to feel amazing..

I have already been blessed with numerous BRAVE women who are over the 400 pound mark and those under the 120 pound mark who have walked in and said I am ready to love myself. I shed a tear for every one of them that have blessed me with their testimony, journey daily struggles and I can do it attitude.

Until then, share this with women who struggle (every woman in America) and help them be the BEST THEY want to be.. to sleep better, feel better, have more confidence and live life to the fullest..

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