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Exercises to Improve Balance & Core for Hiking, Skiing ,Tennis, Golf and Getting Up off the Floor

Updated: Feb 13

Thanks for letting me know you are interested in my POP up Classes!

My plans are to have these classes that will compliment your current fitness program or add elements that you are not currently doing at all.

I will be doing these in 1 to 2 week increments throughout the year when I am home in Amarillo.

Monday- Strength Training with home plan to do on alternate days

Tuesday- Cardio/Core using treadmills/ellipticals

Wednesday- Mobility /Stretching

Thursday - Cardio/Toning/PIlates

If you presently have a walking program, play tenis, plan to hike, play golf or just want to be able to get up off the floor without using your hands, here are some great options for you to put into your day.

Pick a light cardio, walking, tapping your foot on a stool, easy jumping jacks, stepping up and down on step, swinging a golf club .. whatever you LIKE that increases your heart rate for 2 minutes by adding 2-4 exercises below in between your 2 minute "cardio" sessions and you will feel stronger in no time! You can also do them 3 times a week solo!

*Below use BODY WEIGHT Only


• Begin in quadruped position, hands directly under shoulders and knees beneath hips. • Turn toes under and lift knees slightly off floor. • Reach one hand to opposite shoulder and return to starting position. Alternate sides. • Regression: Keep knees on floor. • Progression: Do several reps on one side. • Alignment tip: Keep hips level.


• Balance on right leg. • Hinge from hip while extending left leg. Torso and rear leg are parallel to floor. • Return to starting position. • Repeat, other side. • Regression: Keep rear foot on floor, slightly behind base leg. • Progression: Reduce tempo. • Alignment tip: Maintain extended spine throughout movement.


Circuit training involves executing a series of exercises with limited or no rest. Quick and efficient, this format can easily fit into your schedule as a short and challenging “express” class. Offer balance challenges by including unilateral dumbbell exercises. When you load one side of the body, you recruit additional muscles to maintain proper alignment. Try the following options:


• Start in quadruped position, holding dumbbell in R hand. • Extend L hip so leg is parallel to floor. • Abduct R arm to shoulder height, elbow slightly bent. • Return to starting position. • Complete 8–10 reps. • Repeat, other side. • Regression: Reduce range of motion. • Progression: Start in plank position. • Alignment tip: Keep shoulders level to avoid rotation.


• Begin supine on bench, feet flat on floor. • While holding dumbbell, extend R arm so wrist is directly above R shoulder. • Lower dumbbell, bring elbow to 45-degree angle from rib cage, wrist over elbow. • Press back up to starting position. • Complete 8–10 reps. • Repeat, other side. • Regression: Reduce amount of resis­tance. • Progression: Begin with feet off floor, knees over hips. • Alignment tip: Resist rotating when lowering dumbbell.


In addition to improving mobility and muscular endurance, many yoga poses require muscles to work synergistically to stabilize the body and control movement.


• Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms at sides. • Inhaling, reach arms overhead while lifting heels to balance on forefeet. • Return to starting position. Repeat 8–10 reps. • Regression: Hold onto chair to help with stability. • Progression: Decrease tempo. • Alignment tip: Engage core to maintain neutral spine.


• Begin in quadruped position, hands directly under shoulders, knees beneath hips. • Extend R leg until it’s parallel to floor, while lifting L arm to shoulder level, elbow extended. • Return to starting position. • Repeat, other side; 8–10 reps. • Regression: Perform without shoulder flexion. • Progression: Do several reps on one side; repeat, other side. • Alignment tip: Maintain level hips throughout movement.

Using Bosu or Doubled Up Mat - Use dumbells or Bar


• Begin standing on bosu or doubled up folded mat for instable surface • Step R foot to side and lower into squat position. • Return to starting position and repeat, L. • Complete 8–12 reps. • Regression: Hold weighted bar vertically for additional contact point. • Progression: Increase Range of Motion • Alignment tip: Track knees toward toes.


• Start seated on center of dome or amt, hands on either side of hips. • Lean back slightly. Lift feet so shins are parallel to floor. • Extend R knee. • Bring R knee back to starting position while extending L knee. • Repeat, 8–12 reps. • Regression: Reduce ROM. • Progression: Do V-sit with hands off dome. • Alignment tip: Keep spine extended.

Its the daily small habit that turns into a goal . Instead of one HUGE goal, try one of these excercises every day by attaching it to another existing habit. For example, if you are brushing your teeth, try the balancing Mountain pose!

Keep moving and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming events and pop up classes I wil be doing in Amarillo !

Suzi McKee 806-341-8679


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