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Welcome! I am Suzi McKee, owner of LiveWellFit.  I am 63 years young and encourage you to move daily. I have over 40 years of experience in the fitness and health fields. I hold a B.F.A. in Physical Education and Dance from Southern Methodist University, along with 29 fitness certifications. My passion is working with women who want to change their health.  I am an active grandma and know how important it is to move daily! I would be honored to help you! I offer Fit Camps & Pop-Up Classes in various locations in the Amarillo area.  Scroll down for details on my upcoming pop-up classes, fit camps, workshops, and health events. 


"Suzi has  over 45 years of knowledge in  health and fitness that she shares with other women, helping them feel understood. She offers lots of motivation and encouragement with  reaching your  health and fitness goals. Follow livewellfit on facebook ( see below) for so much FREE information."

" I Love LiveWellFit and Suzi's online and homeworkout in person  programs! If you're looking for a positive  trainer that understands a womans need and  encourages, motivate, and challenge you,  you will be delighted . She takes each person on their own journey and meets you where you are at."


"My passion is working with women to help them ENJOY moving while improving their self confidence.  By helping them find an exercise type that they love, and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle without 'dieting', I hope to start them on a journey to make total health a priority for life.

I am blessed to get up every day and do what I love to do.  I can only hope I bless the women that I work with as much as they bless me."

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