Starting to Exercise Again...

March 28, 2018

Women tend to put themselves last, then when they are 50 plus they wake up and decide, "it's time for me, dang it!" ....but then What do you do?  How do you start? 

We have discovered many ways that help women begin and maintain an exercise routine in the face of the daily demands of busy lives. Here is a partial list.

  • On Sunday night, when you think about your week, schedule your exercise just as you plan for work, errands, and other commitments. It’s easier to stick with it when you have concretely planned time.  For our clients at LiveWellFit, we ask our gals to sit down Sunday night and choose the classes they are going to attend for the week and then book them. This scheduling gives them a weekly plan and will also show up on their google calendar and remind them to come. They LOVE the accountability it provides and it lets us know to be looking for them. Check out our booking system here 

  • Mix it up. Plan different types of exercise to challenge different muscle groups, as research shows us this is the best way to stay in shape and develop endurance and muscle mass. We offer a variety of classes such as TRX, beginner yoga, barre (toning class), 30 minute express classes, cycle, non impact aerobics, dance based classes, golden girls for women over 50, and more! 

  • Don’t get bogged down if you don’t have a lot of time. Research has demonstrated that intense, short bursts of exercise can be as effective as a longer workout, perhaps more so. Try one of our EXPRESS  30 minute classes to get in/out and get it done.

  • Get your heart rate up, but watch it recover to baseline too. Wearing some type of heart rate monitor can be helpful. We love Polar heart rate monitors that are adaptable with our spin bikes. You can keep track of how long you have gone, calories burned and if you are staying in the proper heart rate zone. We have charts for you to take home as well to figure YOUR personal heart rate parameters

  • Try something new! Winter is a great time to try  a new sport like cross-country skiing. In the summer, why not go for a kayak paddle? Everything physical that you do counts as exercise. In our summer outdoor training classes held M/W evenings we go hiking, walking and riding bikes at a beginner level. Its so much fun in our community of women! You're never too old!

  • Find an exercise buddy. That way, if you want to beg off, your partner can motivate you, and vice versa. Our cardinal rule is NEVER MISS YOUR EXERCISE ... There are Always friends to make and meet at our studio. 

  • Consider a consult with a personal trainer. You don’t need to commit to the time or expense of regular meetings, but a one-time consult can be informative and motivating. We have 4 female personal trainers who are certified and work with women only. 

  • Keep an exercise journal, at least at the start. You will be surprised when you concretely see how much progress you are making (be sure to set goals).

Do remember to get an okay from your PCP before you start. And one last thing — don't forget that exercise improves BRAIN health and cognitive health too! 



Its time for YOU. Get your planner ready and start saying " yes I can". Come visit us at LiveWellFit or reach out to us if you don't live in the Amarilllo area. We LOVE traveling and coming to do seminars for women!  









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