Home "Boot Camp" Workout for Women

July 7, 2014

Women love coming to classes at LiveWellFit since we are able to challenge each one of them at their own level.     We take each one and cater to THEIR needs and make them comfortable beginning their workout and exercise program at a slow, effective, non intimidating pace.  Many wanted me to share a workout plan they could do at home if they can't take class or personally train with me.


Here is an intermediate workout to do at home. I would prefer beginners attend my BEGINNER fit camp to start with. This fit camp is for  those women who have never exercised or haven't done any type of exercise since they were made to do take the physical fitness test in 7th grade. ha.. ( 90 percent of America right gals?)  NO NEED to be intimidated by that sweet young 20 year old thang ... we got ya covered!


What You’ll Need: Stopwatch or a timer app Dumbbells 3-5 pound weights for beginner)  – (10 to 12 for intermediate (15-10 advanced) .. 2 small towels (washcloths) Exercise bands (optional, if you have them) or a cheap ceramic rubber band works awesome!


The Warmup: 5 minutes of foam rolling, if you have a foam roller ( gotta come try ours if you don't have one) 10 minutes of running, pedaling on a stationary bike/bike in a trainer, or a variety of dynamic lunges, stretches, and jumps or drill-like exercises (high knees, butt kicks, leg swings, fast feet, skipping, bounding, etc)


Core Workout: 5 total exercises: 50 seconds work/10 seconds rest High plank (hands on ground) High plank, drop down to low plank (elbows on ground, thumbs facing to sky), back up to high plank, alternating sides coming up Spiderman low plank (alternating right knee towards right elbow, left knee towards left elbow) Side plank (switch sides after 25 seconds) Glute bridge (on back, feet flat and knees up, arms at side and palms up, lift hips to sky and hold)


Tabata Cardio:  8 rounds of 20  seconds work/10 seconds rest Stationary sprints (knees up high and as fast as possible) * want No impact? Use a stationary bike or step up on step or high chair up / up -down/down , walk in place recovery.If you are a beginner, do every other one and work up to 8.


Circuit:  5 rounds of 5 exercises, 30 seconds work/15 seconds rest (continuous)  

Push ups  Against wall for beginners, on knees for intermediate and hands and toes for advanced. (progression: can put a band around lower back for more resistance, elevate legs on a coffee table, roll a medicine ball or basketball from hand to hand in between pushup)  **drop to knees if needed


Burpees (use wall instead of floor if you have back issues)


Mountain climbers (option: if you have hardwood floors, put a small towel like a washcloth under each foot and alternate sliding each foot in from plank position as fast as possible)


Hamstring curls (lie on back with towels under feet, lift hips up to sky, slide feet all the way out and all the way in without dropping hips to floor; can also use a large exercise ball instead of towels) * use wall instead of floor for back modification


Squat and press with dumbbells (rack dumbbells at shoulders facing forward like flashlights and squat all the way down so that elbows touch knees; as you come up, press dumbbells overhead) beginners place hand against wall and do step back lunges working up to squat.


Finisher Tabata:  8 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest Jump squats (squat low, jump high;  ( or up to toes for NO impact) progression:  hold squat during rest)  OR do  a  Never ending ladder for 4 minutes:  3, 3, 6, 6, 9, 9, 12, 12, 15, 15, etc.  alternating between doing burpees and pushups



Have a recovery shake or power bars to replenish your glycogen stores and reduce soreness.


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